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Unrefined Sesame Oil - 500ml

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Product description

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Oils are a vital ingredient in our lives. We are made to include the usage of oils in our daily chores. Everyone who works in the kitchen exactly knows the amount of importance these oils hold. No food item is complete without the involvement of specific oils in the preparation manner. Oils not only put in taste and flavour in our food but they also carry certain health points in them. Usually, there are three types of oils that are present in the market for our use in the kitchen – Cold-pressed oil, refined oil and unrefined oil.

Difference between refined and unrefined oils

1. Refined oils lack the presence of natural nutrients.
Unrefined oils have got a good proportion of natural nutrients in them.

2. Extra aroma and flavours are added in refined oils once they are taken out from the seeds. There are no added flavours or smells in unrefined oils.

3. Refined oils are exposed extensively to the heat during the procedure of extraction. Unrefined oils have minimal exposure to the heat during the process of extraction.

4. Refined oils are extracted by using chemical methods.
Unrefined oils do not involve chemical methods in the process.

5. Refined oils are washed out or decolourized and deodorized to remove the unwanted smell from the oil.
Unrefined oils are not at all bleached or washed out and deodorised. They contain the natural smell of the seed.

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