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Manathakkali Vathal (100g)

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Product description

Manathakkali is known as Black Nightshade Berry in English. The name might sound new to most of you as it was popular in the olden days, yet perfect to add a pinch of authenticity to every meal. Vathal, the summer special preparation is well known to all, like the sun-dried fruit or vegetable, which is used for primary consumption as well as an ingredient to side dishes. The Manathakkalis are sun-dried to the best, to ensure crispness and preservation throughout the year.

Health benefits: The whole plant of Manathakkali itself has medicinal properties. The Manathakkali Keerai, which is the leaf of the plant, is also used in cooking. They also have the capability of acting as a solution to digestion problems. The Keerai is also used to make delicious soups that act as an immunity booster.

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